Majorca Travel City Guide – The Largest Spanish Island

Majorca is an island located off the eastern coast of Spain. Majorca is the largest island of Spain and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The name Majorca comes from the Latin name for larger island, or insula maior. This island is an extremely popular tourist destination, with glorious beaches and stunning mountain ranges.

The island suffered a violent history and was often conquered by various empires. In addition to being the capital of the island, Palma is also capital to the Spanish region of the Balearic Islands.

Culture and Way of Life
The residents of Majorca are typically very friendly and helpful to tourist. The culture of the island is a very artistic and social one. The island has a bit of a party feel with all the activities going on. Food is very important to the Majorcans and there is an abundance of restaurants and bars across the island.

Due to the profusion of olive and almond trees, these two ingredients are very commonly found in the cuisine of Majorca. Dishes that are typical of Majorca are ensaïmadas, arros brut and sobrassada. Ensaïmadas are sweet pastries that date back to the 17th century. These breads are made from flour, water, eggs, sugar and pork lard. They are typically rolled into a bun shape. Variations of ensaïmadas include pumpkin, sweet cream, chocolate or covered with apricot. They are typically served at festivals and other celebrations. Sobrassada is a raw, cured sausage that is comprised of ground pork, salt, paprika and other spices. Sobrassadas are sometimes made during a festival for the slaughtering of pigs on the island. The sausage can range from very hot to sweet.

Transportation Links
Majorca has an international airport located near Palma. The island often has direct flights to many major cities in Europe. Additionally, the Palma de Mallorca Airport has numerous flights that travel to Barcelona and Valencia. Once you have arrived in Majorca, getting around is easy. There are airport transfers or shuttles readily available to take you from the airport to your resort or hotel. The island has a public bus service and a train line which runs across the island. Additionally, there are inter-island flights and ferries that operate throughout Majorca.